Reach Your Ideal Weight


Nothing to lose except unwanted weight!

This Revolutionary System Makes it Easy!

Everyone knows being overweight is not good for them. Everyone knows the costs, physically, emotionally and financially of not being at “Your Ideal Weight”.

So why do people continue to struggle and stay overweight? And better yet, why has it been so hard for people to reach a healthy, ideal weight and maintain that state? After all aren’t there dozens, even hundreds, of diets and weight loss programs out there?

The main reason is that we are all different…

  • Some people are, deep down, afraid of change
  • Some people do not want to go through the pain they think losing weight involves
  • Some people eat to relieve stress and relax and can be addicted to eating
  • Some people do not think they have the willpower to lose weight successfully

The biggest reason of all… because eating is not under your control.

Through the help of advanced hypnosis and the latest NLP techniques combined with a proven and tested 7 step program and getting a tailor-made program to “Reach Your Ideal Weight” in 30 days. With one 60 minute session and follow up support structures the system is guaranteed! The beauty of this new program is that it deals with all the reasons that are unique to you. We help you develop new habits and remove any of the common reasons you might fail… before they even happen!

This is not like any other weight loss program. Most tell you it’s all about eating less and moving more. That’s fine… as far as it goes. You see diet and exercise only account for a small part of what it takes to successfully “Reach Your Ideal Weight”. So it’s no surprise that the vast majority of weight loss programs produce disappointing results. Our proprietory plan turns conventional thinking on it’s head and rewire our unconscious mind to create successful habits.


Have You Tried To Lose Weight Before? Chances Are, You Have, Right?

So why didn’t it work long term?

  • Did you not have a proven plan to start with
  • Was the pain and effort too much for the small (or no) results you saw
  • Was the program simply too hard to stick with and not practical for you
  • After you started did you get distracted and go back to your old habit
  • Or some other reason?

The beauty of this NEW program is that it deals with all the reasons that are unique to you but it gets even better. You see this system takes account of and REMOVES many of the common reasons you might fail…before they even happen! For example, we help you develop and build new habits so that you automatically stick with our proven and simply unique (that’s right, the only one on the planet) yet extremely powerful and effective proprietary 7 step plan.

You will rewire your mind to become a person who can naturally “Reach Your Ideal Weight” and maintain it. Pretty amazing…and exciting…I’m sure you will agree.

imagesLifetime Guarantee

We are so confident in this system that we are the only people who back up our “Reach Your Ideal Weight” session with a lifetime guarantee. This means that if you fail to “Reach Your Ideal Weight”, or fail to maintain Your Ideal Weight after the initial 30 days, we will conduct a follow up session. Yes, you read that correctly. If for whatever reason you fail to maintain your ideal weight, we will conduct a session FREE to ensure you “Reach Your Ideal Weight” This system makes it so easy that after only one 60 minute session you will know how to “Reach Your Ideal Weight” …guaranteed.

30 days later…you will be thrilled and delighted that you have now done what so many people only dream about. That is to “Reach Your Ideal Weight” and maintain it with ease. You will naturally maintain your healthy ideal weight for life.

More than 95% Succeed Straight Away

The reason we can offer our unique lifetime guarantee is because we have such a high success rate. Virtually everyone – more than 95% – of the people who take this program reach their ideal weight in 30 days. For the rare few who do not immediately achieve success, there is a follow up session as covered in our lifetime guarantee. In plain English, if you really want to “Reach Your Ideal Weight” we guarantee you will and we will work with you until you do.

Let us make it easy for you to “Reach Your Ideal Weight Today!”. Simply pick up the phone and call , 1300 811 309 , make an appointment and keep that appointment. Take Action Now!

From that moment on, you will “Reach Your Ideal Weight”… Guaranteed!

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