7-Day Shift™ PURE SUPERFOOD by pūratae 

by pūratae from 7-Day Shift™ on Vimeo.

7-Day Shift™ PURE SUPERFOOD by pūratae 
Do you suffer from…
– Lack of Energy throughout the day? – Difficulty keeping your Focus?
– Poor Digestion & Elimination?
– Maintaining a healthy Body Weight? – Making good Nutrition choices?
– Seasonal Flus & Allergies? – Lack of Quality of Sleep?
– Sexual Dysfunction?
– Poor Immune Function?
– High Blood Pressure?
– Mental Distress/Anxiety?
– Difficulty Managing Stress?
– Excessive Hunger/Cravings?
Forget about a “90-day Challenge” – or a “60-day Blitz” – not even “Only 30-days”…
Introducing the Gift of the Shift™…

The 7-Day Shift™ that will help get your life back on track!

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